Illustration showing a cracked but recovering America. Illustration by Nicolás Ortega.
Illustration by Nicolás Ortega


Illustration of a flying eagle. Illustration by Nicolás Ortega.

The Power of Narrative

Answering unasked questions.
Letter from Editor-in-Chief Amy T. Lovett
Illustration of a drooping daisy. Illustration by Nicolás Ortega.

Planned Evolution

Remaining true to our values.
Letter from President Maud S. Mandel
Photo showing how some teachers met with students outdoors, masked and distanced

Campus News

Williams’ fall 2021 opening, new science facilities and more.
Old photo of Doris Jones en pointe

Mapping Ballet’s “Dark Stars”

Students recover the stories of Black artists, schools and influences.
Story by Kate Abbott ’00
Portrait of Laura Wang

More than Medicine

How future physicians benefit from liberal arts learning.
Story by Julia Munemo
Photo of brown leather fringed leg stockings

Critical Partnerships

An alumni-funded internship fuels a student’s interest in heritage and art repatriation.
Story by Meadhbh Ginnane ’21
Photo of Bertie Miller climbing an ice crevasse

Research, Untethered

Gender dynamics on Juneau’s Icefield.
Essay by Bertie Miller ’18
Portrait of John Hubbell

An Undaunted Spirit

Cancer in the time of Covid-19.
Essay by John Hubbell ’71
Illustration depicting reading about disasters

A Matrix of Catastrophe

Publishing a fictional account of a pandemic during a real one.
Essay by Jim Shepard
Photo of a woman getting a shot

Strength and Resilience

The pandemic clarifies a pediatrician’s place among the Navajo.
Essay by Jessie Kerr ’06
Photo of vintage poster showing fear of Chinese

The Myth of the Model Minority

Situating anti-Asian racism within larger histories.
Essay by Danny Jin ’20
Photo of Asian women at a protest

An American Tragedy

The double bind of being an Asian woman.
Essay by Jiayang Fan ’06
Illustration showing Black and white people on the same playing card

Familiar Trouble

Are we witnessing the death throes of white supremacy in America?
Essay by Charles B. Dew ’58
Illustration of Black hands breaking out of police tape

What Will Liberate Us

Modern policing is broken.
Essay by DJ Polite ’13
Illustration showing wealth disparity in the pandemic

Where Economics Failed Us

Rethinking assumptions during a pandemic.
Essay by William E. Spriggs ’77
Old photo of a Black nurse and doctor taking an x-ray of a baby with a huge old machine

Doctoring Freedom

Post-emancipation African Americans build trust and opportunity in science and medicine.
Book excerpt by Gretchen Long
Photo showing Trump supporters at the insurrection

The Root of Political Violence

Making sense of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Essay by Cathy Marie Johnson
Illustration showing how people are baited by racial politics

Racial Politics in the Post-Trump Era

Will provocation remain in vogue?
Essay by Matt Tokeshi