Creative Programming

Photo of a student sewing electronics into a piece of cloth

“Digital data is being infused throughout the entire physical world, escaping the computer monitor and spreading to other devices and appliances, including the human body,” Assistant Professor of Computer Science Iris Howley writes in the description for Electronic Textiles, a new course she taught in the fall. The course had students stitching together coding skills

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Close Looking

Photo of students closely inspecting a piece of art on the wall at WCMA.

“You can see the individual hairs in his beard,” a student says, using a magnifying glass to study a 17th-century portrait of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan that’s displayed on the wall of the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA). “Yeah, and also shadows on his face!” says another. Associate Professor of History Aparna Kapadia steps

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Decoding Drug Resistance

Photo of chemistry professor Katie Hart working in her lab

Antibiotic resistance is nearly as old as antibiotics themselves. Not long after penicillin became widely used in the 1940s, an enzyme called TEM showed up and started destroying its structure on the molecular level, thus inactivating it. In response, scientists came up with new antibiotics. And in response to that, the enzyme adapted. Today, scientists

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A Nuclear Narrative

Photo of the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan,

Sociology professor James Nolan’s forthcoming book, based on his grandfather’s letters and recollections about working on the Manhattan Project, sheds light on the early atomic age. In the year after the Los Alamos National Laboratory opened, U.S. Army Capt. Jim Nolan, M.D., delivered 80 babies at its hospital. With his training in radiology, the obstetrician

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