Mundo, Recognized

Self-portrait of Mundo Meza, acrylic

Art professor C. Ondine Chavoya’s groundbreaking scholarship is the basis for a fall WCMA exhibition on queer Chicanx creative networks. Despite his nickname, “Mundo,” which means world in Spanish, Edmundo Meza, a queer Chicanx artist, wasn’t well known in the mainstream art world. His work all but disappeared from view after his death in 1985.

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Nature Via Nurture

Portrait of Betty Zimmerberg, the Howard B. Schow ’50 and Nan W. Schow Professor of Neuroscience,

What determines behavior: genes or the environment? Neuroscientist Betty Zimmerberg and her students have worked to answer that question in the tutorial Nature Via Nurture. The course explores topics such as child neglect, antisocial behavior, addiction, anxiety, risk-taking, empathy and depression in animal models. It’s a traditional tutorial—with pairs of students under Zimmerberg’s guidance alternately

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Building Worlds

An interpretation of a scene from Angels in America, for the course Worldbuilding. Model by Tobias Delgado ’21.

When David Gürçay-Morris ’96 was a theater and studio art major at Williams, he enrolled in Introduction to Staging and Design, a course that influenced the rest of his career. When he returned to the college 11 years later as a theater professor, he started teaching the course. He changed a lot, from how students

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Tiny Plants, Big Answers

A photo of liverwort.

Marchantia polymorpha, a species of liverwort, was one of the first plants to colonize land roughly 470 million years ago. At the time, the tiny plants lowered carbon dioxide levels enough to trigger a mini ice age. Today liverwort grows all over the world—and all over Williams’ campus. The biomechanics of how it spreads is

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