Fresh Fellows

Spring is national fellowships and scholarships season, and Williams students and alumni earned more than their fair share this year. With Rhodes, Mitchell and Schwarzman scholarships already announced in the spring issue of Williams Magazine, we reached out to several of the newest winners to learn more about their scholarly and career interests and how they plan to use their awards to pursue them in the years ahead.

Head shot of Tania Calle from the Class of 2020

Tania Calle ’20, Harry S. Truman Scholarship for juniors with exceptional leadership potential and commitment to public service; studying social determinants of teen pregnancy in Quito, Ecuador, with an NIH-funded research training program this summer.

Portrait of Elizabeth Hibbard, Class of 2019

Elizabeth Hibbard ’19, One of six Herchel Smith Fellows from Williams to attend Cambridge University’s Emmanuel College next year; studying the British Equity Act of 2010 to understand how feminist theories influence law.

Portrait of Drew Fishman, Class of 2019

Drew Fishman ’19, Donovan-Moody Fellowship to attend Exeter College at Oxford University; combining intensive Mandarin language study with comprehensive classes on modern China, with plans to write a thesis on China and international political economy.

Portrait of Emma Mandel, Class of 2019

Emma Mandel ’19, Thomas J. Watson Fellowship; traveling to France, Morocco, South Africa, Israel and Palestine to explore how theater is used to articulate women’s experiences in places of censorship, suppression and oppression.

Photo of Jeremy Smith, Class of 2019

Jeremy Smith ’19, Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; “advancing the cause of mutual understanding” between the U.S. and China by conducting research and co-authoring policy papers and journal articles for the Economics Desk in the Asia Program

Photo of Alden Taylor, Class of 2019

Alden Taylor ’19, The college’s first Yenching Scholar, studying at the Yenching Academy of Peking University in Beijing, China; examining China’s burgeoning role in global governance, with the aim of becoming an international lawyer and strengthening diplomacy
between the U.S. and China.