The Unwinding of the Miracle

Illustration depicting two eyes in the sky, crying. The silhouettes of a mother and two children stand on the top of a tree and flower petals of blue, yellow, red and pink fill the bottom of the frame.

Book excerpt by Julie Yip-Williams ’97; Illustration by Nomoco “This story begins at the ending. Which means that if you are here, then I am not. But it’s OK. … Dying has taught me a great deal about living—about facing hard truths consciously, about embracing the suffering as well as the joy. Wrapping my arms

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Life in the Details

Log lunches. Labs. Block parties. Band rehearsals. Rallies. Radio shows. Study sessions. Swim meets. Sunrise. Shadows. Candlepin bowling.Chamber Choir. Coffee. Classes. More coffee. First snow. Final exams… See how the year unfolded at Williams—day by day—in this video: Video by Jay Corey

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Justice For All?

The predominantly black residents of the Rust Belt town Braddock, Pa., struggle with pollution, toxic health issues and unemployment.

A grassroots movement for environmental justice is taking root at Williams. We see it in new courses being taught across the curriculum, in scholarship and research, in discussions and in activism—both local and global—among students, faculty and staff. To get an understanding of the scope and scale of campus involvement, Williams Magazine convened a conversation

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Privacy in the Digital Age

Illustration of a person using a smartphone with a mystery hand coming from above and pulling out all the information.

Our smart devices are listening, our faces and bodies routinely scanned and our preferences tracked. But four alumni are leading efforts to make sure new technologies don’t infringe on our civil and constitutional rights. By Liz Leyden; Illustrations by Harry Campbell; Photography by Brad Paris It feels like a harmless trade-off: give up a little

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