Anti-Semitism in Context

A photograph of a makeshift memorial commemorates those killed in a shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa., in October 2018.

A timely exploration of anti-semitism in a new course taught by religion professor Jeffrey Israel took on even more significance after a fatal shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa., in October 2018. The course, Anti-Semitism, investigates the “intellectual traditions, political movements and cultural objects that portray Jews, Jewishness or Judaism as

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Ice Watch

Photograph of Geosciences professor Alice Bradley and computer science and geosciences major Will Downs, Class of 2019.

Alice Bradley, a geosciences professor studying Arctic climate, and Will Downs ’19, a geosciences and computer science major, have teamed up to analyze 40 years’ worth of weather data to better understand how storms might ultimately impact the Arctic environment. Bradley studied engineering as an undergraduate at Dartmouth and earned a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering,

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Chemical Reaction

Virtual and augmented reality allow students to experience the 3D nature of molecules. In a compact lab in sawyer library one morning last fall, Amy Garcia ’22 donned some black goggles and, holding a wand in one hand, waited to spot a molecule in the darkness around her. “Oh, hello,” she said as she glanced

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Body of Work

A photo from a performance Professor Carol Ockman participated in.

Art history professor Carol Ockman defies easy categorization. With specialties in late 18th- and 19th-century French art as well as contemporary art and culture, she has performed on stage with actors who have won Tony and Academy awards. She wrote a memoir that she then turned into a one-woman show. And she is the curator-at-large

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