Scholarship, Shared

Six professors presented their research to the college community during the weekly Faculty Lecture Series in February and early March. This year’s speakers were Chad M. Topaz, professor of mathematics, on “Patterns, Swarms and the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics”; Phoebe Cohen, associate professor of geosciences, on “The Evolution of Life before Animals: Building Shields, Dodging Snowballs and Gasping for Breath”; Maria Elena Cepeda, professor of Latina/o studies, on “Latina Feminist Moments of Recognition: A U.S. Colombiana Encounter with Bomba Estereo’s ‘Soy yo.’”; Guy Hedreen, the Amos Lawrence Professor of Art, on “The Origin of Species in Empedocles and the Visual Representation of Monsters: A Tale of Two Theories”; Neil Roberts, associate professor of Africana studies, on “How to Live Free in an Age of Pessimism”; and Alison Case, the Dennis A. Meenan ’54 Third Century Professor of English, on “Authorizing Nelly: Female Narrative Authority, Wuthering Heights and Me.”