A photograph of students laughing over their phone

What is life really like at Williams? The question comes up often, in a variety of settings, from campus tours with prospective students to gatherings with far-flung alumni. One answer—many answers, really—can be seen in a new photography project initiated by the college. The photographs, which appear in print and online and are described in

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How We Thrive

Portrait of Tatiana Mcinnis, Associate Director of the Davis Center

A look at Williams’ comprehensive, collective approach to providing students the tools they need to navigate college—and life. Christopher Sewell ’05 visited the dean’s office only twice as a Williams student. Once was during his first year, when he spoke to the dean of the college about a bad grade. The other time was to

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In Pursuit of Liberal Learning

Portrait of Francis Oakley

A memoir by historian Francis Oakley offers reflections on teaching, research and the transformation of Williams—and American higher education. In August 1961, Francis Oakley came to Williams to teach early European history. At the time, his concerns were “parochially personal,” as he writes in his memoir, From the Cast-Iron Shore: In Lifelong Pursuit of Liberal

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Mission Possible

Illustration of a rocket ship launching and in the foreground is a stack of books with people climbing them.

Humankind is poised to make tremendous advances in space exploration and travel within the next 15 years. A number of Ephs are leading the way. By Michael Blanding ’95 Illustrations by Davide Bonazzi Imagine a high-resolution telescope that uses X-rays to “see” inside a black hole. Or a fleet of tiny satellites that inspect the

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