Like Minds

Portrait of Nathan Thimothe

Brooklyn native Nathan Thimothe ’22 is the first recipient of the newly created E. Wayne Wilkins Jr. ’41 Community Outreach Fellowship, whose namesake, known as “Wilk,” has spent a lifetime building community. Thimothe, who over the summer worked with nonprofits in Pittsfield and North Adams, spoke with Williams Magazine about his service.

What calls you to help others?
Since high school, I’ve had a passion for attending to the needs of communities that I feel a connection to. From teaching basic Java programming to bright, underprivileged youth in New York to privately tutoring students after school when it would have been easier not to, I’ve always had my communities in mind.

You’re also interested in videography?
Yes. As part of my fellowship, my team and I created a video celebrating the past, present and future of Louison House, which supports our neighbors in North Adams who are facing homelessness or housing insecurity. I know that some of the most important education I’ll ever receive takes place outside the classroom, learning directly from the communities I intend to serve.

What’s next?
I plan on moving forward in life with the legacy of Wayne Wilkins in mind and the ideology that my education must be a tool for positive change. This means getting involved in my community whenever possible.