Rumor Has It

A cartoon illustration of Ephelia the cow carrying a football

Exploring the facts and fictions behind a dozen Williams legends. By Abe Loomis Illustrations by Eric Hanson In 225 years, Williams has amassed a formidable collection of stories. They have been passed down by generations of Ephs to be shared during campus tours, in first-year common rooms, in classrooms and even around the world. But

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Outreach & Upreach

Photographs of one of the mobile writing studios that is part of The Mastheads project, co-founded by Tessa Kelly, Williams Class of 2007

Tessa Kelly ’07 blends literature and architecture in her project, The Mastheads. By Julia Munemo Photograph by Iwan Baan Now in its second summer, The Mastheads—a literary and architectural project cofounded by Tessa Kelly ’07—brings five writers to private, one-room studios scattered throughout Pittsfield, Mass., for month-long residencies. Each writer is assigned a studio designed

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Deconstructing Borders

illustration for story about social media

Williams faculty explore how social media has moved from the personal to the political and now to the pedagogical—as both a teaching tool and a subject of critical study. Social media has the potential to build community, create solidarity and spread ideas more quickly and broadly than ever. It can also deepen divisions, silence voices

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Deeply Rooted

Photograph of Maud S. Mandel, Williams' 18th president

Williams’ 18th president discusses life, leadership and the liberal arts. Maud S. Mandel wasn’t looking to become a college president. Her entire professional career—more than 20 years—had been at Brown University, teaching history and Judaic studies, establishing policy and practice as a faculty leader, and, most recently, working to enhance the undergraduate academic experience as

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