Hands-On Learning

A photo of volunteers clearing debris out buckets of debris from streams in Hopkins Forest.

Marco Vallejos ’20 was working as a lab assistant for the geosciences department a few summers ago when he was recruited to help out with Weir Day. He joined 20 other Williams volunteers—students, faculty and staff—on a hot August day, hiking into Hopkins Memorial Forest carrying shovels, buckets and spring scales to clear tons of

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Williams and World War I

Detail of Congressional Medal of Honor

        A century after the end of World War I, Williams faculty, librarians and students are taking a fresh look at the many connections between the college and the Great War. “The First World War changed everything,” says French and comparative literature professor Brian Martin, who, with several faculty members and library

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Americans Abroad

Photograph of Professor Soledad Fox Maura

When Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature Soledad Fox Maura advised students in a study abroad program in Spain several years ago, she was struck by how unprepared some of them seemed for the experience. “Their homesickness or a sense of disappointment and culture shock sometimes led to an inability to connect with their new

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Constructing Reality

Illustration of a silhouette in a boat, casting a net and catching a variety of circles of different colors. Yellow background.

Religion Chair and Professor Jason Josephson Storm is teaching a new course this fall on social construction. At its core is a theory that has become common over the last 25 years: Categories such as race, gender and sexuality are in some sense not part of nature but instead are created and maintained socially. “The

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