North on the Wing

Audubon plate of the Orchard Oriole

Bruce M. Beehler ’74 developed an affinity for wood warblers as a child while listening to his mother’s bedtime stories. Nature writers were their favorites, especially the naturalist Edwin Way Teale and his 1951 book North with the Spring. Beehler went on to a career in ornithology, ecological research and nature conservation, mostly in tropical

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Giving It Forward

Illustration of silhouettes helping each other, petting dog.

Illustration by Mark Allen Miller Mary Moule ’91 still remembers the frustration. As a student receiving financial aid, she was able to borrow textbooks for her courses each semester from Williams’ 1914 Library. But she wasn’t allowed to write in them. “While reading Booker T. Washington’s Up From Slavery, I finally gave up and started

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WE ARE: America

Photo of sisters Rukiya (left) and Gladys

The portraits are at once intimate and imposing; some stand 25 feet tall. In the spring, they appeared throughout New Haven, Conn.—50 photographs of immigrants and refugees from all over the world who now call the city home. Mounted on framed stands in New Haven Green, draped from the sides of buildings and hung inside

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Histories in the Making

Illustration of needlework showing New England trees on the front and palm trees on the back with a needle and yarn attached.

The story begins in 1986 with a box discovered in the basement of Fayerweather Hall containing objects that once belonged to the Williams Lyceum of Natural History. Or it begins with a student prayer meeting in 1806 that launches the American foreign missionary movement, later commemorated with the Haystack Monument near the aptly named Mission

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