In Memoriam

Retired professors Raymond Chang and Richard O. Rouse Jr. passed away in April. Chang was 77, and Rouse was 95.

Raymond Chang

Chang, the Halford R. Clark Professor of Natural Sciences, emeritus, came to Williams in 1968. A prolific author, he produced textbooks on chemistry well into his retirement and was the author of several children’s books drawn from his childhood experiences in China and Hong Kong. He taught a popular Winter Study course on Chinese language and calligraphy. Chang was a mentor to many new chemistry professors, many of whom still work in the department today. He is survived by his wife Margaret, a daughter and three grandsons.

Richard O. Rouse

Rouse, the Mary A. and William Wirt Warren Professor of Psychology, emeritus, came to Williams in 1948 as one of only two faculty members in what was then the new psychology department. He served as department chair from 1961 to 1973, a time in which the staff and course offerings in psychology more than doubled. Rouse also was a key figure in the planning and construction of Bronfman Science Center. He continued to work at Williams long after his retirement in 1983. He is survived by his wife Regina, three children and three grandchildren.