Williams Adopts Quick Cost Calculator

calculator-scTo help prospective students and their families more easily see what college will cost them, Williams, along with the University of Virginia, is now using My inTuition, the quickest calculator available to the public.

Developed by Wellesley College, the calculator asks six basic financial questions before providing a personalized estimate of what it would cost for an individual to attend Williams. That’s far fewer than the 40 or so questions typical of college cost estimators. My inTuition takes a only few minutes to complete and provides a breakdown of estimated costs paid by the family, work-study, loans and grant assistance provided by the college.

Many families, especially low- and middle-income ones, are unaware that elite colleges can be affordable—sometimes even more so than public or state schools. “We want every student to know what assistance is available, and that cost should not be a barrier to attendance,” says Williams Provost Will Dudley ’89. “We hope that the calculator, which quickly generates accurate, personalized price estimates, will encourage all qualified students to apply.”