Udderly Eph

I thoroughly enjoyed the photos in “Udderly Eph” (summer 2015) and the link to the many udders. As one of few Ephs who made dairying a career, it’s great to see the Williams bovine tradition continue with creativity and serious whimsy. I raise my cup of milk “To Williams, To Williams, To Williams!”

—John W. Malcolm ‘72, Pawlet, Vt.

Cows decorated in a rainbow of colors— sporting mortarboards, cigars and even a bathing suit—adorned the campus in late May, part of a herd of 95 designed by different members of the Williams community. Called Ephs on Parade and sponsored by the Committee on Undergraduate Life, “the goal was for the entire campus to be talking about the same thing at once,” says Biology Professor Matt Carter, who helped coordinate the project. “We wanted to unite the campus, at least for a few days, and deliberately create something positive and with a sense of humor.”