The Alumni Network

So often it’s a fellow Eph who opens the door to what turns out to be the rest of your life and says, come on in. By Amanda Korman ’10 Had a great experience with the alumni career network? Share your story here » Aaron “A.J.” Jenkins ’03 made his first Williams connection at age

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Creating Knowledge

About a third of the Class of 2014 completed a senior thesis – a piece of in-depth, independent research undertaken in close collaboration with a professor. Here are the products of their work… Observing & overlooking in Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, by Abigail Adams • Investigation of the potential neuroprotective effects of estradiol in a mouse

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Gentlemen Jews


A look at the forces that shaped early Jewish life at Williams. Wurgaft writes that the “actors” shaping Jewish life at Williams “were more often impersonal forces…than heroic college students, administrators or faculty.” Yet it’s worth noting some of the earliest Jewish students who made an impact on the college and society. EMMANUEL COHEN, CLASS

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*a small purple flower named for the way it changes direction to face the sun. The title heliotropes conveys dual meaning: “helio,” referring to a constant turning toward the sun, is a metaphor for growth and learning: and “trope,” meaning “a significant or recurrent theme; a motif.” FOR THE 10 STUDIO ART MAJORS who graduated from Williams

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