Majumder Receives NSF Grant

Professor Tiku Majumder (c) 2010 Scott Barrow

Professor Tiku Majumder
(c) 2010 Scott Barrow

A three-year, $347,000 grant from the National Science Foundation will help physics professor Tiku Majumder continue his precise spectroscopic studies of atoms—research ultimately aimed at testing the Standard Model of particle physics.

Majumder’s project will measure the properties of the heavy-metal atoms indium and thallium in unprecedented detail using semiconductor diode lasers. The data Majumder collects will improve theoretical understanding of these complex atoms, and his experiments will help reinforce results produced by scientists at large particle accelerator facilities.

Students have been involved in all aspects of the research. They design and test laser, optical and signal processing systems, they work with electronic and vacuum system components, and they collect, model and analyze data.

Majumder has been teaching at Williams since 1994. He has received nearly $1.35 million in funding for his research since 1998.