Williams Directs $450K to Local School District

In June, the Mt. Greylock School Committee accepted $450,000 from donors to Williams to support innovative projects at the high school over the next two academic years. The funding is in addition to the $285,000 received for use over the last two academic years.

The majority of the $735,000 given to the Williams College Fund for Mt. Greylock has come from 20 Williams-related members of the family of Joseph A. Jeffrey, a founding partner in the 19th-century business that became The Jeffrey Manufacturing Co. of Columbus, Ohio. Their contributions have been complemented by $27,500 raised from local donors, some of whom are affiliated with the college.

The fund in its first two years has supported projects such as instructional development in math and science, an expansion of experiential and independent learning opportunities and a significant addition to learning technology.

“The entire community, including the college, is the beneficiary as Mt. Greylock works toward reclaiming its historic legacy as a model school,” stated Williams President Adam Falk in announcing the funding. “We’re grateful to all … who are partnering to bring this about.”