Life of the Mind

Reading Africa

“After the television images, the photographs and the news stories, come the writers.” Course description for Aminatta Forna’s “Witness Literature” By Amy Lovett In researching her latest novel, The Memory of Love, Aminatta Forna came across an unsettling statistic about her homeland. According to Doctors Without Borders, more than 90 percent of Sierra Leone’s population

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A Nashville Cat

“I experienced a love of music at full-moon parties where musicians and pickers went to a great old antebellum house and played music. It was almost otherworldly.” —Marcus Hummon ’84, on finding a creative home in Nashville By Hugh Howard There are the hits: “Cowboy Take Me Away,” recorded by the Dixie Chicks. Wynonna Judd’s

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How to Pay Attention to a Poem

with Lawrence Raab Like any poem, Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” is best read with what Henry James called “the spirit of fine attention.” It’s about “noticing, and then noticing what you notice,” says English professor Lawrence Raab, who teaches and writes his own poetry just 22 miles from the Vermont

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