Life of the Mind

Decoding Earth’s History

Geosciences professor Rónadh Cox has spent her life deciphering rocks in faraway places— from gullies in Madagascar to reef sediments in the Caribbean and even as far away as Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Working with student co-authors, she recently made a breakthrough in understanding boulder movements atop the cliffs of Ireland’s Aran Islands. By painstakingly comparing

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Arresting Sports Fiction

“The goal was to write an accurate book about elite athletes and give an empowering message to girls.” —Beth (Schmidt) Choat ’86, author of Soccerland As a journalist with Sports Illustrated and ABC Sports in the 1990s, Beth (Schmidt) Choat ’86 had an epiphany. Interviewing Olympians like figure skater Michelle Kwan and gymnast Shannon Miller, Choat says,

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Re-imagining Voice

With his professional vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth, Brad Wells has re-imagined the very nature of singing in the 21st century. The group brings renowned artists and composers from all over the world to the Berkshires to create brand new sounds together. While the voice itself—humanity’s oldest instrument—has not changed in eons, different cultures have

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