Rededicating the Davis Center

Johnetta B. Cole addresses a crowd of 250.

During a two-day conference in October, the college rededicated the Multicultural Center as the Davis Center in honor of two pioneering black alumni, the late W. Allison Davis ’24 and his brother John A. Davis ’33. With its new name, the Davis Center has a new mission focused on three pillars—to educate, to support, and to lead, says its director Lili Rodriguez ’01.

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Weston Field to Undergo Transformation

Weston Field to Undergo Transformation

The Board of Trustees voted in October to proceed with a $22 million project to renovate and re-invent Weston Field. The project was one of two put on hold in 2008 during the global financial crisis—the other one being construction of the new Sawyer Library, slated to open in fall 2014.

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Convocation Features Erin Burnett ’98

Erin Burnett '98

According to Erin Burnett ’98, three characteristics “scream success”: conviction, courage, and civility. “If you have those things, you’re going to be a superstar, no matter what you do,” she said, addressing the senior class at Convocation on Sept. 8.

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How Students Learn Best…


President Adam Falk, in a Aug. 29 Wall Street Journal essay about assessing the value of higher education and students’ ability to write effectively argue persuasively, solve problems creatively, and adapt and learn independently.

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Roseman Named President of Dickinson

Nancy Roseman

Congratulations to Nancy Roseman, professor of biology, who last month was named the 28th president of Dickinson College.

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By the Numbers… Student Involvement

Student Involvement by the Numbers

According to responses to the senior survey, 92 percent of Williams students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity during their four years here. Take a look at what students are up to.

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Hallem ’99 Named a MacArthur Fellow

Elissa Hallem '99

UCLA neuroscientist Elissa Hallem ’99 has been named a MacArthur Fellow by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Hallem’s research involves the physiology and behavioral consequences of odor detection, work that may eventually lead to fewer parasitic infections in humans.

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In Memoriam, Fall 2012

Irwin Shainman

The college notes the passing of two retired faculty members—music professor Irwin Shainman and sociology professor Robert Friedrichs.

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A Closer Look… Sunrise with Scott Lewis

Williams College - Pine Cobble Hike 9-14-12

They gather at 6:03 a.m. on the steps of Chapin Hall. Thirty-one students and a recent graduate, many of whom are meeting each other for the first time. In the pre-dawn darkness they board two college vans that transport them to the Pine Cobble trailhead, a major ramp onto the Appalachian Trail.

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