Inspiring and Impressive

"10 in 2012," Williams Magazine Summer 2012

"10 in 2012," Williams Magazine Summer 2012I loved the feature of the 10 graduating seniors (“10 in 2012,” July 2012). Each had such different paths, but all of them were inspiring and impressive. It brought to life everything we love about Williams. Also, I really enjoyed the president’s essay about the trip with the Williams Outing Club (“Learning: 2,500 Miles from Home”)— sounds like a fun and rewarding trip. The articles on Kevin White ’52 (“A World-Class Mayor”) and the interfaith trip (“Alabama Calling”) were also great. I always love reading about Williams, but the July issue was even better than usual.
—Yvonne Hao ’95, Cambridge, Mass.

The bios of the 10 graduates were outstanding. I can’t think of a better way to share the value of Williams today with its alumni than through the focus on these diverse and remarkable graduates. You mention that Niralee Shah ’12 is teaching math at King’s Academy in Manja, Jordan, “the New England-style prep school founded by Deerfield’s Eric Widmer ’61.” Eric was one class behind me at Williams and is an outstanding man. But you didn’t mention that the current head of King’s Academy (who hired Niralee) is John Austin ’87, who in 1983 graduated from St. Andrew’s School (Delaware), where the current head is Tad Roach ’79.
—Jonathan O’Brien ’60 (headmaster of St. Andrew’s School from 1977-97), Westport, Mass.