Life of the Mind

Making Creative Connections

Mellon Curatorial Fellow Dalila Scruggs explores both her own identity and that of the College museum. Out-of-the-box thinking was instilled in me as a kid growing up in Miami, Fla. I was in a “gifted” elementary school class that allowed the students to play with Legos, write stories and engage in brainstorming exercises. I never

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Fertile Ground

by Ellie Winninghoff ’75 “If I had studied Ag in college, they would have convinced me that what I do every day is impossible,” says vegetable farmer, educator, researcher and author Eliot Coleman ’61. Best known for growing vegetables year-round in unheated greenhouses in northern Maine, Coleman has been called America’s most innovative small farmer.

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In Praise of Memory

by Robert H. Bell My beloved colleague Clara Claiborne Park lived in Williamstown since 1951 with her husband David. They raised four children, and Clara began teaching at the fledgling Berkshire Community College. In 1967 she published The Siege: A Family’s Journey into the World of an Autistic Child. One of the most poignant, compelling

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