Life of the Mind

Imagined Museums

By Denise DiFulco What happens when a community becomes disconnected from its museums? In the case of Morocco, says Prof. Katarzyna Pieprzak, artists create their own spaces. Katarzyna Pieprzak was a graduate student studying Arabic in Fez in 1998 when she took a road trip across Morocco with friends. Their journey took them to Tangier,

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Exile on Bourbon Street

“Any time you write a story that attends to people’s social or political lives as well as their interior, emotional lives, there is going to be a lot of tension among elements.” —Tom Piazza ’76 By Miranda Lash, MA ’06 Tom Piazza ’76 had been addressing the theme of displacement in his fiction for years before Hurricane

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Mystery Woman

Is she a wealthy and beautiful matron? A spirit of the dead? A genomic mess? Three professors offer their perspectives on a Roman bust on view at the Williams College Museum of Art as part of Labeltalk 2011: Art of the Ancient World, which closes July 13. Oh gods. Something is most strange here. Where

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