I cannot think of many times I have ever enjoyed reading a college publication as I experienced this morning with the January 2011 issue. Some of my wife Mary’s and my happiest moments were when we got “Parents of the Williams Crew” off the ground in 1993.

—R.C. Everett, 1996 Eph parent, Scarsdale, N.Y.


I write with humor to point out a small error in the January 2011 Alumni Review. The article “Football Celebrates Fall Firsts” says Aaron Kelton became the first Williams coach in any sport to finish a debut season with a perfect record. I believe that Frank Navarro (then head football coach) had his debut season in 1964 as freshman baseball coach. Even though Coach Navarro was not familiar with the ins and outs of America’s pastime, a team of fairly good players turned in an undefeated season.

—Larry Ricketts ’67, Denver, Colo.