Life of the Mind

Chemical Intuition

By Jennifer Weeks ’83 Of all widely taught undergraduate courses, few have reputations as fearsome as organic chemistry, the study of carbon and its myriad compounds. College students almost universally speak of “orgo” as a killer class that separates real scientists from dabblers and is a make-or-break for anyone considering medical school. But Thomas E.

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Eat. Prey. Love.

By Pam Kelley “The story goes that even after the Return they tried to keep the roller coasters going. They said it reminded them of the before time. When they didn’t have to worry about people rising from the dead, when they didn’t have to build fences and walls and barriers to protect themselves from

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Scrum for a Cure

By Jessica Herzer ’11 Eighty minutes of rugby is hard enough. Believe me, I know from personal experience. But this spring, Williams’ women ruggers will truly push their mental and physical limits when they attempt to play rugby for 24 hours straight. That’s right, a match that lasts an entire solar day. As part of

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