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Report from the Field

I should probably stop talking behind your backs. Among the experiences that serving as interim president has given me are more frequent opportunities to meet with groups of alumni, both on campus and far afield. When I return, colleagues ask my impressions of you all, and here is what I have been telling them. I

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Thanks very much for the recognition of Sam Schuchat ’83, the California Coastal Conservancy and its sister agency, the California Coastal Commission (“Shades of Blue,” September 2009). You neglected to mention the other sister agency, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the first-ever coastal management agency in the U.S. BCDC has won

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Intelligent Delight

by Bob Bell Fred Holly Stocking ’36 was a revered and beloved professor of English at Williams for some 40 years. He was curious about everything, generous and encouraging of different opinions and perspectives, clear in his attitudes and convictions, reticent in his manner. Fred had reams of poetry by heart. “If I get far

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