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A Spirit of Change

The spirit of change sweeping through our social, cultural, political and economic institutions needs to include higher education as well. U.S. higher education may be the strongest in the world, but to help produce the future leaders we need and to secure our economic future, it must adapt to new realities. The biggest challenge is

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The account by Caroline Cretti ’06 of her Olympic Trials marathon experience (“Quite the Crowd,” January 2009) was a delight on two counts: She writes beautifully; and she captures—with all the power of a simple story, well told— the extraordinary nature of the bond among graduates of Williams. Thanks to her and also to Ernie

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Houses Burn, People Die

by Peter Britton ’56 Years ago when I heard “West Virginia” I would think coal, hillbillies and bluegrass music, mystery, mountains and moonshine, Daniel Boone, Homer Hickam and basketball’s Jerry West. Not anymore. Now I think mountaintop removal, the horrifying destruction of 300-million-year-old hills to get black gold in the cheapest, fastest way. You must

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