The List Before You Leave

Graduating seniors leave behind many things as they depart from campus, from course notes tucked away in library monkey carrels to the odd dorm-room refrigerator. Three members of the Class of 2009 left something else—a website called “Things to do Before You Leave,” which offers advice to the 550 incoming members of the Class of 2013 as well as current students. Some things to do:

Visit Chapin Library of Rare Books. Its oldest book dates from around the year 800. • Start a new club. • Go to a planetarium showing at the Hopkins Observatory. • Find that special professor who will be your mentor throughout college, especially during your most frantic times at Williams. • Get trained as a WCFM DJ. • Try a sport you’ve never considered trying. Better yet, try a sport you’ve never heard of. • Walk the natural bridge (near North Adams). • Get into summer theater performances free by ushering at the ’62 Center. All you have to do is wear black and hand out programs. • “Close” a library. • Go sledding down Mission Hill. • Learn a new language. • Keep a journal so you can remember all this at your 50th reunion.