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Regarding “A Century of Change” (June 2009), I am the student pictured with the sign “Coeds Go Home.” I remember the photographer snapping the picture nearly 40 years ago. However, two clarifications are in order. 1) I did not place the message in the window. 2) As everyone who knows me will attest, I am

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Unique to Williams

A specialty in Imperial Russian and early Soviet history might seem an odd credential for an interim college president. Leadership transitions in Russia during those periods were nothing to emulate (they often were pretty bloody, in fact), and I doubt the Board of Trustees hoped I would prove to be another Romanov or Lenin. I

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Reclaiming Childhood

by Deborah Bialis ’08, Anouk Dey ’09 and Katherine Krieg ’08 Absolutely no soccer. It will affect her fertility,” Fatima instructed us as she grudgingly released her daughter’s hand, allowing Ofal to sprint over to the rest of the girls trying on athletic shoes. It was our third week running sports camps for Iraqi refugee girls

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